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Install now your favorite satellite channels list!

With the latest sofwtare, it is now possible to install your favourite satellite channel list up to 8000 channels on the Blomc ONE S and BLOMC ONE C.

For this tool you need:
-DreamBox Edit Software (or any related software)
-Channels list (already downloaded)

1) First make sure to have downloaded your own channels list from the internet and opened it in the DreamBox Edit software as following:

2) Select only eight favorites under TV User Boquets, that will show up on your Blomc set top box as favorites.
3) Now you can export the setting list to your USB. First make sure to have created a file called Enigma2 in the USB.
4) Fourth, go to TOOLS > EXPORT > EXPORT ALL BOQUETS IN EXCEL READABLE FORMAT in the file called Enigma2, the exported file must be called: dreamboxEDIT Export Boquets.txt
5) Place the USB in the box
6) Go to the MAIN MENU > APPS > UPGRADE & BACKUP > BACKUP IN USB > Select Restore Enigma2 Channel List from USB > Press OK.
7) When the following message is “Restore Enigma2 Channel List Success” is popped up, that means the channel list is upgraded.

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