The latest Blomc software can be foud on this page.

Our Latest Softwares

How to upgrade your BLOMC

Step 1

1) Download the Software from our Support page.
2) Export the files to a USB stick.
3) Plug the USB into your BLOMC device.

Step 2

On the device:
1) Go to System settings.
2) Press “Upgrade”
3) Press “USB Upgrade”
4) Choose the software from the files on your USB, and press OK.
5) The BLOMC will now start to upgrade and reboot itself.
6) Your software has been installes succesfully.


How do I add a portal?


  • ** NEW ***
    Save time and enter your stalker portal online, go to our configurator
  • Go to settings.
  • IP Settings
  • Stalker portal settings
  • Enter the code [ RED ] + 1212
  • Enter your portal
  • Press [FAV] To save
  • Exit, and the portal has been saved


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